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We have SME’s in mind

While experienced in both large and smaller companies, PBI’s advantage is the ability to apply larger company strategic thinking and processes to any size business. This enables smaller organisations to leverage the knowledge and experience usually only obtained through hands on involvement in larger companies, and to apply it to their own situation in a practical, easily managed way that works for the smaller business.

Advising, Planning
– but more importantly –

PBI works on a whole of business approach – recognising that all aspects of the business need to work together to produce optimum results. Spending the time to understand what the business is trying to achieve, what the key success factors are that will enable this to happen, and the development of a balanced approach to achieving these that includes all aspects of the operation, are what ultimately provide the greatest rewards for all stakeholders.


Rather than just develop strategies for the business to implement, PBI is as involved as you require to ensure actual delivery of the plan. The rewards in seeing plans through to their successful completion is a driving factor at PBI, and involvement as part of the day to day operations of the business is key to this – we don’t just suggest, we make it happen!

Everything OLD
should be NEW again!

Last years’ successes are just that – constant re-invention of both business and product is essential to stay ahead of the competition and lead the market. Years of experience in product development, branding, and marketing, provide both practical experience that enable costly pitfalls to be avoided, as well as the ability to provide hands on, cost effective solutions for manufacturing, sourcing and development of products.

Expanding Horizons

Building a business in today’s environment means thinking globally, whether or not you are exporting. Competition is more often than not from global sources, as are resources used within the business, while the ability to leverage costs and expenses by expanding your potential customer base can result in faster and more lucrative returns. PBI has extensive networks internationally that can assist you to quickly take advantage of these opportunities, both for reducing costs as well as expanding sales.

About Us

PBI Prinicipal David Phillips has over 25 years experience in companies of all sizes, and across all facets of operations from Marketing and Manufacturing, to Finance and Distribution, and from Operating Unit Management to Managing Director level.

Since founding PBI 5 years ago, he has worked with SME’s across a variety of product categories, and in roles ranging from simple product sourcing to strategic planning and implementation at Board level. During this time he has leveraged his network of associates to provide efficient, capable resources to clients as and when required.

His hands on, successful implementation of initiatives has resulted in a core base of clients who would be more than happy to discuss their experience with PBI.

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